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All boxes guaranteed to have at least 50% extra in value, some with up to 100% meaning if you spend $200 your box will come with a guaranteed value of $300 worth of stuff and up to $400 if you get the right box :)

all values are the same with different priced boxes, you will get 50% to 100% extra value on whatever price 

All boxes will come with a Funktional piece from the Factory such as floating recyclers, tubes, beakers (any other rig that is not a funkler) a quartz banger and other verious items such as carb caps, dabbers, pendants, marbles, cups and other items weve made in the shop 

Please add in the notes if you would like anything specific or have a general idea of what you would like :)

if you would like a Funkler in your box please select the Funkler Mystery Box

The Factory Mystery Box